Klein VFD and HCESD 16 building new Fire Station 3

DSC 3357The Klein Volunteer Fire Department will soon be operating out of a brand-new station at the intersection of Old Louetta Road and Landry Boulevard. The new station will be a serious upgrade to the aged, outdated station that was previously there said the station’s Senior Captain Matt Pentifallo.

The new station will be a pull-through station, allowing trucks to enter from the back of the station and exit the front, Pentifallo said. This will help alleviate traffic congestion near the busy intersection. Safety equipment such as upright bi-fold doors and ventilation systems will help keep exhaust fumes from accumulating in the firetruck bays, keeping firefighters safe. 

In addition to a traditional fire station, the new facility will include a training center with a two-story drill tower, a training room, two fire vehicle bays and a fueling station. Once complete, the station will help Klein VFD with recruiting by offering a competitive, modern facility for new fire recruits to learn in, Pentifallo said. The training facility will allow three large classes to be taught each year without having to borrow neighboring fire departments’ facilities. Two recruit classes will be held each year, in spring and fall. An advanced course will be taught during summers, he said.

Work on the training facility is complete, Pentifallo said. Firefighters are currently working out of the fire truck bays attached to the training facility while construction continues on the main building of Fire Station 3, Pentifallo said. Once completed, the goal is to staff the station with volunteers and part time firefighters in order to provide quick response to the community. A dormitory with eight dorm rooms will allow overnight staff to get the rest they need to respond to emergencies properly. 

Training Tower

 The site will also be a resource for the community, Pentifallo said. Klein VFD hosts an annual event for children to meet Santa that has been a tradition for nearly 40 years. The event hosts between 150 and 200 children and is popular in the Memorial Chase subdivision. Community meetings such as Homeowners Association or other local community group meetings will also use the facility. 

Work on the station should be completed in the first half of 2020 if things remain steady with the revised construction schedule, Pentifallo said. Construction has seen a delay of about two months because of rains earlier in the year and other factors outside the control of HCESD 16. The training facility and drill tower that are currently finished were completed in Phase I of construction. Phase II has seen the main driveway completed and the fire station will be completed in a third phase. 

Anyone interested in volunteering as a firefighter and training in the new facility can find out more by visiting the Klein VFD Volunteer page.

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