ESD #16 Approves Exemptions to Residents

At the May 2016 meeting of Harris County Emergency Services District No. 16, commissioners approved a tax savings to most of the homeowners living inside of the District.  The District for the first time now makes available three different tax exemptions to residents of the District. 


First is a 10% Homestead Tax Exemption for all taxpayers that qualify for the exemption inside of the District.  This means that if you have a qualifying homestead registered with the Harris County Appraisal District, you will be able to exclude 10% of the value of your home from taxation by the District. 


Second is a $20,000 Disability Exemption for those persons that qualify for the Disability Exemption under Texas law.


Third, the District provided a $20,000 Over-65 Exemption for those person that qualify for the Over-65 Exemption under Texas law.


The District is eager to offer these exemptions to the qualifying residents of the District.  It is anticipated that this will save the taxpayers of the District approximately $400,000 in taxes over the next year. 

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