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Harris County Emergency Services District No. 16 (HCESD No. 16) is a political subdivision of the State of Texas serving as a taxing district to support fire suppression and rescue services.  Established in 1984, the District is governed by a board of commissioners who are elected for 4-year terms.  They must be 18 years old and a resident of the District.

As of 2022, the District serves a resident population of approximately 173,549 and covers the Spring/Klein area encompassing approximately 49 square miles.  We serve a diversified area comprised of single-family dwellings, high-density apartment complexes, high rise condominiums, commercial buildings, and numerous commercial retail centers.  The area also has a hospital, FAA controlled airport (7000' runway) and two major highways (SH 249 and SH 99) that crosses through the District.

HCESD No. 16 is funded by Ad Valorem taxes, which are largely based upon appraisals of real property such as single-family residential, multi-family residential, commercial property and raw land.  Business personal property is taxed as well.  Starting in 2015, the District began receiving Sales Tax revenue that is paid inside of the District.  Prior to 2015 consumers paid a sales tax of 7.25%, after the District imposed its 1% sales tax, consumers now pay 8.25%, which is the maximum sales tax rate for the state of Texas.

The District contracts with Klein Volunteer Fire Department (Klein VFD) as the provider of Fire and Rescue services to the community.

Each month the Commissioners hold a public board meeting to conduct the business of the District.  The agenda of the meeting is posted locally and on this website identifying the items to be considered at the meeting.  These meetings are held at the Klein VFD, Administration Building, 16810 Squyres Road, Klein, Texas 77379.

HCESD No. 16 has been rated ISO Class 2 in all hydrant serviced areas, last surveyed in 2018.


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